VISMAYA - An Indo Celtic Musical Journey - CD Released

A first of its kind CD featuring the 19th compositions of Muthusvami Dikshitar (1775-1835) in the genre of nottusvara sahityas, recorded with Indian voices and Celtic orchestration was released on the 15th of March at Lehigh University.
Composer Kanniks Kannikeswaran presented a multi-media lecture concert on the topic ‘Vismaya – An Indo Celtic Musical Journey’, in conjunction with the CD release on Saturday the 15th of March, 2008.

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This recording marks the culmination of three years of effort by Kannikeswaran to research and record these compositions with western accompaniments. Kanniks had presented a lecture/demonstration on this topic at 81st Annual Conference of the Music Academy, Chennai.
These swarasahityas are a creation of the genius of Muthusvami Dikshitar, one of India's foremost composers, in whose hands European (primarily) Celtic tunes that came to India with the British East India company, transformed into catchy songs in sanskrit, easily accessible to children.
In a profound sense, this genre of music represents the innate ability of Indian culture to be open to ideas from the other parts of the world while integrating them within its ocean of knowledge. This genre of music, was  perhaphs 19th century India's expression of its premonition of a globalized world of the 21st century where several cultures would co-exist together and share a common future.
The CD has been recorded and produced in Cincinnati, OH and is accompanied by a 20 page booklet presenting the background and lyrics of the nottusvara sahityas.  A range of ethnic instruments such as a penny whistle, an Irish flute, a Celtic harp, a fiddle, a hammered dulcimer, the Irish bodhran  have accompanied the rendition of these compositions.


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The lecture concert was hosted by India Cllub,  Lehigh University and was presented at the Packard Lab auditorium.

Dr. Alok Baveja, who spoke at the conclusion of the event said, "It was not only informative and enjoyable, but also inspirational in that it helped me see how visionary figures go beyond man-made barriers".

'Vismaya - An Indo Celtic Musical Journey' is available at .  If you have problems ordering the CD, please contact us via email.


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