VISMAYA - An Indo Celtic Musical Journey 

Vismaya - An  Indo  Celtic  Musical Journey is a contemporary compilation of the notusvara sahityas of Muthusvami Dikshitar recorded with Indian voices and western  instrumentation. Dikshitar (1775-1835), is one of India's foremost composers, in whose hands European  tunes that came to India with the British East India company, transformed into catchy songs in sanskrit, known as nottusvara sahityas easily accessible to children.


The Album About  the CD.  Part I features 19 and Part II features 20 of the nottusvara sahityas. A 20 page booklet with lyrics and background accompanies each CD. Children love Vismaya. Learn how this recording is an ideal  introduction to Indian Classical Music for children.

Dr PPN reviews Vismaya.

Parents are Delighted - 15month old child dances spontaneously to this music; 5-year old trades TV-watching for Vismaya!
The Music LISTEN TO THE MUSIC.  Album I has 19 tracks and Album II has 21. Listen to audio excerpts. The melody of the  British National Anthem 'God  Save the King' and how it transformed in the hands of Dikshitar. Transformation of the galopede dance music into a meditative geetam on Kamalamba.
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The History Why 'Vismaya'? What was the inspiration behind the recording? What is the purpose of this recording? Colonial India and the  birth of the nottusvara sahityas more.. The life and music of Muthusvami  Dikshitar,  one of India's foremost composers.
  Musical Variety in the Nottusvara sahityas of Dikshitar. Devatas (deities) addressed in the nottuswara sahityas of Dikshitar. The cultural richness of Tiruvarur and the nottusvara sahityas.
The CD has been recorded and produced in Cincinnati, OH and is accompanied by a 20 page booklet presenting the background and lyrics of the nottusvara sahityas.  CDs may be ordered at AMAZON or at CD Baby.

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