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Music Videos
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A tribute to75 years of Indian Independence in the form of a Ragamala Music Composition in 75 Ragas. (Aug 2022)

A music video conceived and created for the Center for Clean Water, IIT Madras, India featuring leading singers Bombay Jayashri and Kaushiki Chakraborty from India. This viral video illustrates the need for awareness regarding water resources. (Apr 2021)

Monsoons - a music video depicting the necessity for conserving rain water with music in the ragas miyan malhaar and amritavarshini featuring leading musicians Pandit Ajay Chakrabarty, Vidushis Ranjani and Gayatri and Tamil Scholar Solomon Pappaiah. (April 2022)

Shanti a journey of peace

'Transformation' - a commissioned work for 3M Corp in collaboration with the Pepper Group (Chicago) and 779 Video - featuring original orchestral music based on Indian ragas, depicting the seasons.

Nada Yoga - The Yoga of Sacred Music. Based on verses from the Sangita Ratnakara. Choreographed to Yoga Movement by Shriram Sarvotham.

'Jagadguru Natihi' - A Music video tribute to the life and works of Adi Sankara. A Ragamalika in 6 ragas performed by Vidushis Ranjani and Gayatri.


Shanti a journey of peace

A first of its kind Oratorio in Sanskrit for large mixed choruses, strings, winds, percussion and soloists, depicting the message of Universal Peace in the context of the 5000 year old cultural history of India with chants in Sanskrit in a raga based music score.  Shanti premiered in 2004 in Cincinnati, was performed to an audience of 2600  at the Aronoff Center for the Arts in 2006 and then with local choruses and ensembles in Allentown PA (2006, 2008), Houston (2010), Atlanta (2014), again in Cincinnati (2014) and in the Bay Area (2016). Shanti has been hailed for its ability to build community around music.

Through Shanti and his larger orchestral works, Kanniks stands out as a truly innovative and global, yet deeply Indian, music composer who has been able to bring together a deep understanding of both Western and Indian musical traditions in a manner that is absolutely unique and enriches the entire world of music.``

- S. Ramadorai, Vice Chairman, Tata Consultancy Services

the presentation was masterful and the content luminous.

- John Pepper, Former CEO, Procter & Gamble Company



murasu - symphonic work in tamil

This spectacular work showcasing the 3000 year old Tamil literary history using mixed choruses, an orchestral ensemble and over 60 dancers created history at the World Tamil Conference Chicago in 2019 with a raga based music score bringing to life ancient Tamil lyrics. Presented by the Federation of Tamil Associations of North America and the Chicago Tamil Sangam to an audience of about 5000.

"..Kanniks has done yeoman service to the language Tamil for which he needs to be lauded. I am convinced that this production will create an awakening. It is my wish that he takes this to various parts of the world and spreads the message in all its glory.."

Solomon Pappaiah

Leading Tamil Scholar, Chennai, India


other productions (1994-2019)

Chitram - A Portrait of India

"..India as never portrayed before.."

 A spectacular stage production for an Indian choir and multi-genre classical and folk dances and visuals depicting the diversity inherent in Indian culture. (Premiered in Dayton. Cincinnati (2005,2006). Performed with local communities in Tampa, Ft Lauderdale, Minneapolis, Toronto, Houston, and in Chennai, India.

Other Productios

The Silk Road

A musical theater production depicting the exchange of ideas along the Silk Route performed by the National University of Singapore Indian Instrumental Ensemble and the NUS Student Symphony. Featuring Buddhist Chants, verses from Tamil classics, yoga, dances and multimedia.

The Rising Sun

Produced for the Asian and Pacific American Forum of General Electric Corporation, this production featured an orchestral score and multi-genre dance (The Naini Chen Dance Company NY and other global dancers) to portray the emerging leadership role played by ASIA in today's global world.

The Blue Jewel

"..a vision of the wholeness of world community that fosters harmony.."

 A musical salutation to Planet Earth and a call for sustainable development with mixed choruses and dance forms from around the world. Premiered in Cincinnati in 1996. Repeat performances in 1997, 1999.

Sharad - A Portrait of Autumn

A portrayal of the Autumn Season using the ragas of the season performed by an Indian chorus with a string quartet and harp accompaniment. Premiered in Den Haag, Netherlands 2013 with Revanta Sarabhai's choreography. Performed in Irvine CA, 2015.

Krishna - The Joy of Living

Krishna, as portrayed in literature and art all over India, brought to life on stage with a 40 member Indian choir, a chamber orchestra and multi-genre dance and visuals. Premiered in Tampa, 2017 and performed in the Bay Area, California in 2019.

The Malhar Concerto 

Concerto for Sitar, Tabla and Orchestra in the raga Mian Malhaar describing the monsoon season. Performed at the 'International Water Dialog' as part of the World Water Conference,in Singapore in July 2009.

Ragas in Symphony

"..eclectic in sound, visuals and reflecting racial harmony"

 A symphonic score based on Ragas for mixed choirs and orchestra choreographed to multi-genre dance. Performed in the Hague 2014, with a Surinamese choir, the Dario Fo Dutch Choir and the Residentie Orkest, with Revanta Sarabhai's choreography. Performed in Dallas TX in 2016.

Colonial Interlude

A musical production featuring the life and music of Indian composer Muthuswami Dikshitar (1775-1835). Performed by the National University of Singapore Indian Instrumental Ensemble (2010)


An prayer in the sanskrit language based on timeless Indian ideas performed as the opening invocation at the historic reception accorded to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Madison Square Gardens in 2014.


First of its kind multimedia choral production with a 20 member choir, multi-media dance and visuals, celebrating the spirit of Spring using ragas from all over India. Performed in 1994.

Sangam to Silicon Valley

A musical presentation of ancient Tamil verses portraying the continuity in Tamil culture for the past 2500 years. Performed by an Indian community choir, a chamber orchestra with multi-genre dance and visuals. (Chicago 2014, Columbus 2017, Detroit 2019(

The Indus Spirit

A stage production for choir, orchestra and multi-genre dance describing the diversity inherent in Indian culture and the pivotal role of India in the tech world. Presented at TieCon - Silicon Valley, the largest conference of entrepreneurs (2015(.


indian american choral music

Kanniks has been recognized for his pioneering  work in Indian American choral music. His work of over 25 years has enabled the flowering of Indian American community choirs in various centers all over the United States; it has enabled the reach of a unique genre of raga based ensemble music to new audiences around the world. It has enabled community building through music by facilitating collaboration between Indian American communities and local choruses, orchestral ensembles and dance companies.  

Kanniks was interviewed on NPR's Morning Edition in 2013, on Ohio's Think TV in 2012, was recognized with an Ohio Heritage Fellowship in 2011, the Just Community Award at the University of Cincinnati and with a Distinguished Alumnus Award from his Alma Mater IIT Madras in 2019 for his transformative work in this area. His choral work demystifies the world of Raga Music and makes it accessible to singers with wide ranging array of skills. 

The power of choral singing

A 2013 video commemorating 20 years of Indian American Choral music featuring visuals from various cities.

The Netherlands

Promo of choral work at Den Haag, the Netherlands, 2013 with the first ever Surinamese Indian choir along with Dutch singers.

World Choir Games 

Chamakam Chant by the Cincinnati Indian Community Choir at the World Choir Games, Cincinnati 2012 in the 'Music of the Religions' Category.

Capitol Hill Performance

A 2016 video commemorating 22 years of Indian American Choral music featuring visuals from various cities.

Aronoff Center 2018

Shanti choir performance at the Aronoff Center for the Arts, Downtown Cincinnati.

Shanti Youth Choir

A performance of the Shanti Youth Choir at the Aronoff Center for the Arts in 2018.

Ohio Think TV

A feature on Public TV (2012) celebrating our choral work over the years and our participation in the World Choir Games.

NPR Interview

An NPR feature on Morning Edition (2013) with John Burnett. .

Saengerfest 2019

A Rabindrasangeet Medley with 'Silent Night' performed as a Holiday Tribute at Saengerfest 2019 in Cincinnati OH.

Choral Journey

chamber works



Chamber work for a string quartet in  scales of the Karnatic Raga Latangi and Gambhira Natta.

Bach and Sanskrit

Sanskrit edition of Ward Swingle's Acapella arrangement of Bach English Suite No. 2, Bourrée II.

The Keezhadi Overture 

Chamber work for Flute and Strings based on Tamil folk tunes in honor of the ongoing excavations at Keezhadi heralding the discovery of ancient civilizational artifacts. Premiered in Detroit in 2019. Performed at the AAPI gala at the Cincinnati Art Museum.




Sri Lalitamba Jayati

Sanskrit kriti in the dvi-madhyama raga SaraShri in rupaka tala (2020) performed by Dr Harsha Nagarajan and Lalit Subramanyam. 

Madhyarjuna pura

Geetam in raga Reetigaula in rupaka talam in praise of Shiva - Mahalingesvara enshrined in Tiruvidaimarudur (2020). Performed by Bharati Kamakoti.


Tillana in Raga Useni in Adi Talam in praise of Shiva enshrined in Sri Kalahasti. (2019). Performed by Shradha Ganesh.


virtual workshops


Khelati Bhrahmande

Presented as a Hamsa-Ragamalika in 3 ragas Hamsadhvani, Hamsanadham, Hamsanandi.

Ram Sankirtan

A kirtan in Raga Yaman presented on the occasion of Ram Navami 2020 with guest vocalist Mayur Davey.

Ananda Purna

An ensemble performance of Sadashiva Brahmendra's words in the raga Sankarabharanam, with guest vocalists.


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