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Upcoming Release: A 35 minute documentary film on a unique genre of Indo Colonial music from the 1800s. Filmed on location in India. Based on the author's research and music recording in 2008. Seeded with Grant support from the Ohio Arts Council. (May 2022)

Musical Documentary on the History of Yoga backed by a research publication. Featuring an original music score performed by over 20 emerging stars in Indian music. (June 2021)

".. Words are  inadequare to describe the aesthetic joy. A simply beautiful creative  program. There is no doubt that the fruits of real yogi could be experienced..."

Padma Bhushan Dr. R. Nagaswamy

on Yog Darshan

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'Building Communities through Choral Music', presented at TedX University of Cincinnati in 2015.

An intro to 'The Malhaar Concerto' at the International Water Conference, Singapore, 2009.

"Ancient Chants for World Peace" Concluding Talk/Performance at INK Talks Mumbai, India with a choir peopled by children from underprivileged backgrounds in Dharavi, Mumbai.

Panel discussion on Chennai Times (Times of India) with Leading Singer Kaushiki Chakraborty, Sai Shravanam on the making of the video 'Rivers of India'.

Intro to 'The Rising Sun' concert highlighting ASIA's role in the emerging world, presented at the Asian Pacific American Forum, General Electric in 2016.

An interview on the History of Yoga.



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Interview featured in a compendium of thoughts penned by a curated set of 75 people of Indian origin all over the world, on the occasion of the 75th year of India's independence.

Choir Quarantined - Beyond Music, Technology and Community Building  The Quarantine silences us; but a bright world awaits us. (2020)

Music, Media and Storytelling, In conjunction with the Media Rise Festival, Huffington Post (2013)

Tirumular and the Tamil Yoga Connection , published in the Journal of Dharma Studies, Springer Nature.


'Music and Dance' chapter in 'Modern India' published by ABC-CLIO. (2019) ""Useful for both undergraduates and general readers interested in learning more about modern India."—Library Journal, March 1, 2020


The Rivers of India - A Musical tribute to the magical Life-Sustaining Divinities.

Remembering Tirumular and the Tamil Yoga Connection on World Yoga Day.

The Meaning of Bahubali (2017)

Navaratri Reflections on 2000 year old Tamil verses in praise of Durga.

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